While it is tough to choose which "Edu-Influencers" to follow, I've compiled a list of some of the best places to find these great educators and see if you can connect with their message! If you do be sure to follow their blogs and also reach out to them on Twitter -- keep connecting and sharing!

Edu Blog Award Winners
This is a nice place to start to see the various different bloggers in education. Be sure to look through the past year's awards as well.

The Bammy Awards
The Bammy's honor Edu-leaders from all over. Another great starting list.

The Teach 100
The Teach 100 aims to rank hundreds of education blogs through a series of factors. While nothing is perfect, it's nice to see hundreds of educational blogs in the same spot!

Have another spot to find "Edu-Influencers"? Feel free to edit and add to this page!